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Danya’s New Website www.danyaphoto.com

May 18, 2011 matkonation No Comments

Already in my second year of college, I knew I wanted to be a food photographer. Many of my acquaintances were quite skeptical, and gave me the feeling that my chances were slim. “There are no women in that line of work”, “It’s hard to get a name for yourself”, “Why be so specific”, were the comments I was used to getting. But it’s what I felt I would be best at, so I went for it. My first real breakthrough in the field came when I created my previous website. With a friends help, it was up and running in 2003, and I didn’t have much material to publish, or important clients to brag about, but the pictures looked good and I was proud of it. The website opened up a lot of doors for me, and I felt it was a means of self-advertising without having to go meetings with my portfolio in hand. Throughout the years I updated the site, adding pictures, and changing the site according to my professional development, but in the past few months I just knew it was time for a real change. Eight years is a long time in website years, and it’s about time to let the new one in.

The concept for the site was created with Matkonation in mind. I’ve fallen for the media known as the blogosphere, which allows for the capability to connect to whoever is a participating player. My new site is part classic gallery and part blog. Every picture you see on the site is actually a link to a gallery of that particular project, with some text about the behind the scenes, sort of like a blog post, with the option of commenting.

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