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Jaffa Flea Market- Part One… Cheap

December 28, 2009 matkonation No Comments

Since we’ve started this blog I (Danya) have wanted to write an entry on the Jaffa Flea Market. I’ve lived in Yaffo for almost six years now- I came to try out the area and I’ve been here ever since. This series of posts on the flea market with be divided into four parts: cheap, expensive, tasty and nightlife. Today I’m posting the first part which is the most flea markety- Cheap finds!

I’m a lucky gal – my apartment is five minutes walking distance from my photography studio. I’m an even luckier gal- during those five walking minutes I have to walk through the flea market. As a food photographer, I don’t only like to photograph, but also I also enjoy styling- the walk to work comprises of the expectation of finding a gem, that will fit my subject of photography for that same day.

In the morning, on the way to the studio, I pass by the Russian market- where all the vendors lay out their goods on blankets on the floor, and you just have to search really hard to find something good, but when you do- it will be cheap and you can always haggle. I’ve already found there starched linens which I’m sure once belonged to a Yekke who didn’t get to ironing them. I found a light blue enamel pot with a hole in the bottom (but it doesn’t bother me, I covered it with aluminum foil and photographed soup in it). I found silverware with Arabic engraving, dessert plates decorated with blue and brown designs and old, cracked enamel cookware.

Today the Jaffa flea market is not like it used to be; today all the vendor sell “vintage” for too much money and every cracked cabinet sells for the same price as a new one, because it’s “authentic”. I hate haggling with vendors and I hate when vendors just throw out a high price to begin with, that’s why I find myself searching for goods on the outskirts of the flea market, where I always find really cheap “gems”, the way a flea market is supposed to be. It’s just a bummer that they don’t give a receipt…

So if you happen to be in the area in the morning (the early bird gets the worm), go window shopping in the center of the flea market, and then make your way over to the Russian market and don’t be shocked- although the goods tend to look more like someone else’s junk- if you look hard enough you may find gold underneath all the junk!

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