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November 17, 2009 matkonation No Comments

Food for us is not just a profession but also a hobby- come into each of our homes and you’ll find a jar of homemade cookies or something cooking on the stove. Every trip abroad turns into a culinary journey, every visit to a restaurant to a taste test and the cooking of each meal into an adventure.

After an extensive acquaintance and work with food, which has produced three cookbooks and countless food articles, we’ve been dreaming for awhile about our own blog- with Shaily cooking and Danya photographing- but we never got around to building it. Thanks to Danya’s maternity leave, the dream came true. Between breast-feeding and changing diapers, she found the time to program and design the blog (with the help of her husband), while Shaily (lacking all technology skills) cheered her on from the sidelines.

So yes, with lots of excitement, our blog has finally set sail and we invite you to come for visit once a week, while we cook up a new recipe each time. We promise it will be easy, precise, and of course, tasty!

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