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Cookies, Three Ways

  By: Deanna Linder I don’t know what it is but something about cookies just make me feel good. A long while back, Danya wrote in a post that she wanted to be the kind of mother that is remembered for always having homemade cookies in the cookie jar at home. I wasn’t yet a mother then, but I knew I wanted to be that kind of mother as well. When I got down to deciding which cookies I would want to share with our readers I gave myself a challenge: one cookie which I love and make all the time (snickerdoodle), one cookie which I’ve never made but looks delicious (nutella cookies), one cookie that I love but looks too hard to make (elephant ears/palmiers). I came to the shoot with a ton of cookies. We shot them, ate some and I was left with so many that I didn’t know what to do with them, so I started handing them out to friends (yes, this is one of perks of being a friend of mine). A few days later, a friend and I went with our sons to Gymboree. When she dropped us off at home,... 
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Urban Legend Chocolate Chip Cookies

By: Deanna Linder The story goes like this: A woman and her daughter had lunch at the upscale Neiman Marcus department store in Texas. They ordered dessert-chocolate chip cookies-and loved the cookies so much that they asked for the recipe. The waitress kindly responded that she couldn’t give out the recipe, so the woman offered to pay for the recipe. The waitress smiled and said she could buy the recipe for two fifty. To make a long story short, the woman later received her credit card bill and saw a charge for $250.00 for Neiman Marcus. Obviously feeling scammed (thinking the recipe would cost her $2.50), she called Neiman Marcus customer service who adamantly denied her request to refund the money. To get revenge, the woman emailed the recipe to everyone she knew and insisted that they email it to everyone they know. Finally, Neiman Marcus decided to publish the recipe themselves on their website. These are really the best chocolate chip cookies I have tasted. I love Danya’s motto... 
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Hazelnut Cookies

Food has always been a love of mine, but it took me a while to turn that love into a profession. Seven years ago, while working as an account manager at a ad agency, I told the Art-Director that I dreamt of publishing my own cook book, with all my recipes. She offered to introduce to me her mother, Elinoar Rabin. I almost fainted at that moment. Anyone in-the-know about the Israeli culinary scene knows that she is a well-known cook-book author and editor, and the woman behind the food column in Israel's Maariv Style Magazine for 15 years. The same column that I now have wrote for, for the past year. A few days later, sitting in Elinoar's apartment in Jaffa, we started working on my first cook- book, "Simply Entertaining". Elinoar is the one who helped me get my start and opened my eyes to the Israel culinary world, which until then had been just a dream of mine. A week ago I was invited to Elinoar's new book release party: "Coffee and More", which she wrote in conjunction with Ilan Shenhav,... 
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The Best Hamantachens Around

The secret to this recipe is in the jam- and I mean the jam in the dough. Yup, there's jam in the dough- just a tablespoon, but it makes all the difference-you get soft, melt in your mouth dough. And what about the filling? This is where I go for the easiest solution and use store-bought spreads, and there is no shortage of good quality spreads today such as Nutella, dolce de leche, date spread, peanut butter, good old regular jam and many more. You choose! One tip before you start rolling out the dough- using a cookie-cutter- cut out many circles out of the dough-the best hamantachens are the ones whose dough is really thin, but not too thin, and the filling is generous, but not too much (as in life, proportions are key). Stick to the recipe and you won't be sorry! Ingredients for 25 humantachens: For the dough: 2¼ cups all purpose flour 1¾ sticks (7 oz.) butter, softened ½ cup (3.5 oz.) powdered sugar 1 egg 1 spoon jelly (strawberry, blueberry, cherry,etc.) For the filling: ⅔... 
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