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Pear, Almond and Cinnamon Patties

If it works with tarts and cookies, why wouldn’t it work here- that was my line of thought when I made these patties. I'm sorry for the cliché- but pears and almonds are really a winning match. You'll end up with warm, sweet patties with a hint of cinnamon that you are going to want to make over and over again, regardless of Hannukah. It's important to thoroughly drain the liquids of the grated batter- otherwise the patties won't hold together when fried. The patties themselves aren’t very sweet, and some people, like Danya for example, prefer them that way. But there are those, (like my husband) who like them extra sweet, so I rolled the patties in an aromatic mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Totally worthy! Ingredients for 10 patties: 5 medium sized firm pears, peeled and grated. I like to use Spadona green pears, which are available all year round. It is important to use firm pears which will be easier to peel. 3 heaping tablespoons ground almonds (also known as almond powder) 2... 
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