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Recipe for Food Photography

The internet is flooded with food photography. What was once a niche for only professionals, food photography has turned into a hobby for foodies and amateur photographers alike. I'm dedicating this post to all the bloggers who devotedly photograph food, but end up feeling like the real thing looked better than the photograph. I don't want to build to high of expectations; after reading this post you will not become certified food photographers, but you will be able to come out with some tips and you'll definitely be able to improve (if even slightly) your photographs. Ingredients: 1 tripod 1 camera (preferably SLR) 1 macro lens 2-3 light reflectors, sliver and gold 1 (or more) windows 1 table Preparation: The most important thing is that food photography needs natural light (or studio flash's if you are really intent on investing). I know that alot of people prepare food in the evening and really want to photograph it with the camera's flash, but I'm sorry- I don’t have a solution... 
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Behind the Scenes of Food Photography

I've been photographing food professionally for the past seven years. I have a photography studio located in Jaffa (Israel) and I work with culinary magazines, cookbook publishers and large food companies. When I'm asked about what I do for a living, I always get the same response. The first question people want to know is if what I photograph is real, when do I use shaving cream instead of whipped cream and when do I smother a steak with motor oil. I decided to write this post to explain what goes on at a professional food photography studio, and maybe bring to an end to some myths about synthetic foods. I usually eat what I photograph Today, unlike in the past, there is a lot of pressure towards "real advertising". Food photographs from the eighties and nineties were known for the use of shaving cream and motor oil in styling food but with time there has been advancement in the field and with it the aspiration to display food in its real form. Maybe it's just a fad now, but in my view... 
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