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The Creation of the “Culinary Guide to Tel Aviv”

I got back yesterday from a 5 day trip in Barcelona. It’s the first time (Oded and I) have been abroad without the kids. It was absolutely amazing, obviously. I have so much to share about the food, so be prepared for an upcoming post on the topic. But now, I have a new post that has come to mind and I need help from our readers and foodies alike to help me create the “Tel Aviv Culinary Tourist’s Guide”.

The idea came to me on the plane ride back from Barcelona, when I thought to myself that I could’ve enjoyed the food there even more had I received advice from a local foodie. It’s not like I arrived in the city without any restaurant recommendations, but I would’ve really appreciated a hand in not falling into the tourist traps. So I started imagining what kind of tour I would give to a tourist coming to visit Tel Aviv; what I would definitely stay away from, what information I would give so that the tourist could really understand my city, Tel Aviv-Yaffo, from a culinary view.

So what am I trying to do here? My fantasy is to create a post each year that will act as an “official” guide to every tourist arriving in Tel Aviv who wants to enjoy the incredible culinary scene we have to offer. It’s a big task and I’m asking for your help.

Some ideas to ponder:

-What culinary tour would you lead for a tourist coming to visit you?

-What are your top 5 restaurants that a tourist just can’t miss out on? (this doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy).

-Which areas in town would someone have to go to eat in order to really feel the vibe of the city?

-What should tourists stay away from? The tourist trap….

-Remember that this is all meant for a tourist (not necessarily from abroad, even another city)- so put yourself in their shoes, lost in a new city, trying to figure out the pace of the city….

You are welcome to comment here or email with your thoughts and ideas to help us create the perfect guide.

Hopefully our next guide will be for Jerusalem…