We're Finally on Instagram

We started the blog four and half years ago as a way to express our creative freedom without the needs/wants/requests of a client. We thought it would be sort of a side venture, something to go along with our everyday work as a food stylist and food photographer.

Oh, how we were wrong. From the beginning, we noticed that it took much more time and effort than we had imagined, but we were totally ok with that, being two and splitting the work of writing, recipe developing, photo shoots, etc. And we loved what we were doing and the instant reach and reaction we had from our readers.

And then came social media. And that was the part that none of us signed up for, or felt comfortable and natural in dealing with it. So we kind of just pretended that we weren’t part of the social media game, until we couldn’t pretend anymore. We started a Facebook page a year and a half ago, and then came Instagram, two months ago.

For Instagram we enlisted the help of social media maverick, Tamar Guzansky, who specializes in Instagram. She helped us understand the platform, helped us find our common photo style, and to reach out to those people who would like our style.

Now that we’re all about Instagram, we decided to share with our readers some of our favorite people to follow and why:

Linda Lomelino- Because we give her respect for making food look that good

Spoon Fork Bacon- Because we’ve got to give props to another Food Photographer/Food Stylist duo with a great blog.

Sunday Suppers- Because every time they host an event, I just wish I was a New Yorker so I could attend.

Laura Miller- Because who knew that food could be the best accessory?

Stephanie Stamatis- Because when I grow up I want to be a stylist just like this girl.

Sofia_Iz-Because her minimalist, soft images are just the breath of fresh I need some days.

Naomi, Bakers Royale- Because we love love her images, her blog, her recipes..

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