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Who We Are

Having a blog is like a being in a relationship. It took us awhile to find each other, but once we did we knew we found the meaning of true partners and even better friends. We both love food, style, aesthetics, and bald men. We both have only boys. We are both libras. Both of our names start with D’s. We both wear mostly black, white, and grey clothes. We were both born in Los Angeles. 

Despite all the similarities we also have our differences. Danya is a photographer. Deanna is a stylist. Deanna has two boys (still pending), Danya has three (and done!). Danya lives and works in the urban Yaffo, Tel Aviv. Deanna lives on a farm. But works in Yaffo. Deanna went to cooking school. Danya learning cooking along the way. 

We create this blog together out of a need to share our love of photography, cooking, and styling.


I grew up a Cali girl. And as a little girl in LA, I was exposed to worldly cuisines and hole in the wall ethnic joints. I’ve always loved food and I’ve always loved eating. To make a life story very short, I moved to Israel when I was 21, following my heart of love for a guy and for the country. A sudden change in a career path led to me to culinary school, with a dream of opening a restaurant in Tel Aviv. A year later, the guy and I moved out of the city and onto the farm he grew up on. And with the move, my dreams of Tel Aviv were switched with homemade cooking and creating beautiful things. And so I became a food stylist. And then a blogger. And then a mom of two sweet boys. Now I’m a food stylist/recipe developer/blogger/momma and always on the hunt for my next adventure.


When I tell people that I’m a food photographer everyone asks, “Is it real food that you photograph? Do you eat it after the shoot?” My answer is yes and yes- everything that I shoot is real and I do eat the food I photograph. I guess I have one of the coolest jobs as I spend most of my days amongst the best chefs in Israel, photographing, eating, and then I do it all over again.

I finished my B.A. in Photography from Hadassah college ten years ago and since then I’ve been photographing food. I have a charming studio in the heart of Jaffa, where I shoot for cookbooks, food articles in the Israeli culinary magazine, Al Hashulchan and all sorts of other clients from the food industry-you can check out my work at my website www.danyaphoto.com to get an impression of the work that I do.