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Campfire food in the Jeruslaem Hills

August 29, 2013 matkonation 2 Comments

The beautiful rolling hills of Jerusalem were our third stop on our journey to the four corners of Israel with Yotvata Dairy.  Covered in trees and hidden corners, the hills of Jerusalem prove to be again and again one of the best places in Israel to make a campfire.

When you think about campfire food, you think (depending on which country you’re from) of smore’s, hotdogs, potatoes, etc. We wanted to take our campfire in a different direction. We used Yotvata’s cream to develop two amazing campfire recipes, different from anything you’ve ever thought of making when in nature. We’ll be posting the recipes on Monday, but for now here’s a video for a sneak-peak of our out-of-the-ordinary campfire.

2 comments to “Campfire food in the Jeruslaem Hills”

  1. Ninarose says:

    Hello lovely ladies! We met you in May in Tel Aviv and had a wonderful night together in the Greek restaurant in Jaffa. I have been reading your blog once in a while, love it! We are coming to Israel for a work trip in the beginning of December. Would be nice to meet if you are around!

    Ninarose from Finland

    PS. We also started a blog a while ago. Will post food from Israel of course! If you want to take a look you can find it here: makumatkablogi.blogspot.fi (still the beta version :))

    1. Deanna says:

      Hi Nina- So glad you’re coming back for a visit! We’d love to meet up again! email us when you know what you’re plans are..

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