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Flea Market- Expensive

January 18, 2010 matkonation No Comments

I have lived and worked in the Jaffa Flea Market district of Tel Aviv for almost six years- I arrived after a trip to India and Jaffa for me was a continuation of the Indian ruggedness. Six years ago, the flea market was as I remembered it when I was a teenager- my friends and I used to take a bus from Rehovot (a suburb 30 minutes outside of Tel Aviv) to go shopping in the flea market. In the last three years things have really started to change. Like mushrooms after the rain, expensive boutiques have started to pop up in the flea market. The first boutique that opened, and the closest to my apartment is called- One Bedroom- and it opened up about six months ago. It is an eclectic beautiful store which sells designer clothes along with lovely house wares. Shai-li and I borrowed dishes from One Bedroom for several posts including- Chocolate, Almond Cookies, Biscotti, Glue Wine and Potato Salad. Another pleasant boutique close by is called “Sonia” and there you can find a full set of antique romantic dinnerware that once belonged to a Polish grandmother. Ruby Star (jewelry and accessories) and Sharon Brushner (clothes) are two local Israeli designers, who have recently opened up their second stores in Jaffa.

All of these quality boutiques which have popped up next to the old flea market stalls have definitely brought new life into the area, and now there is a magical feeling of rejuvenation and that people believe in the area- and it is that trust of the boutique owners which is the most touching in my opinion.

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