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Food Photography and Styling Course- Conclusion

Two weeks ago, all of the participants of our food photography and styling course got together at 8’oclock at night at Danya’s studio for our concluding session. Everyone brought a little something to eat and before we got down to business, we sat down for a lovely potluck meal. Nothing like a good meal to end a successful food photography and styling course. During our dinner, each participant shared her experience and thoughts on the course, and the reservations about beginning the post-course process of shooting on their own.

The concluding session was very exciting. Together we looked at each participants’’ photos, and we were able to identify each of their development as the course progressed. Each one really developed her own style that could immediately be recognized. It was obvious, through their photographs that each of these women have a true passion for food photography.

From our experience, we were left extremely proud of their accomplishments, and there is no better way to express that than to show you their pictures.

Thank you Racheli, Chen, Liyon, Orit and Limor. It was a real pleasure.

Danya and Deanna

Racheli- Graphic Artist, dreaming of photographing  a family cookbook

Limor – Professional Chef, Food Blogger

Liyon- Baking Instructor, Food Blogger Prospect


Chen- Home Baker and Food Blogger

Orit- Professional Hotel Baker, hopes to find the time to photograph what she makes