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I Can Photograph Too (on Instagram)

July 30, 2012 matkonation 2 Comments

By: Deanna Linder



When I was a sophomore in high school I had an amazing photography teacher who got me hooked. I was so passionate with the subject that I set up a darkroom in my bathroom and ended up starting college as an Art Major, hoping to continue in the field of photography.

Somewhere down the line things took a major turn.  I got a degree in International Relations, moved to Israel, worked in research, until finding my way back to the world of photography, but this time as a stylist.

Danya, the one who is responsible for the beautiful photography on this blog, has recently been a bit out of commission for the best reason, the birth of her beautiful third son. Before the birth she gave me a short lesson on shooting with my camera, and she was confident that I could do some shoots on my own.

Wrong. But what I can do is Instragram. It makes me feel like I’m a photographer again.

Here are some of my Instagram rules:

  1. I only post photos that I think are of good quality. I don’t quite get the people who post photos that are really out of focus/unfiltered//…
  2. I try to post photos with an emphasis on food/design/travel.  As opposed to Facebook, where I don’t usually post things having to do with my professional life, I feel instragram is just the place to do so.  A lot of people want to know what behind the scenes of a food photo shoot looks like- I try to show that.
  3. I try not to post too many of my kid. He’s really photogenic though (Im not subjective, right?), which makes this rule a tough one.


You can follow me on Instagram @deannalinder. Would love to hear your comments of interesting people (yourselves included) to follow.


2 comments to “I Can Photograph Too (on Instagram)”

  1. Glad to know you and your beautiful blog. I’m following on instagram now!

  2. If you like reading a blog, what kind of interesting things that make you like that blog? Give me your favorite blog links too..

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