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Matkonation Food Photography and Styling Course #6

November 28, 2012 matkonation 1 Comment

About a week and a half ago, our Matkonation Food Photography and Styling Course #6 came to an end. It had been awhile since our last course and we were really looking forward to the fabulous group of women who signed up.

This was the first course that we held at Danya’s beautiful new studio, which brought with it not only a great vibe, but even better natural light. Every Sunday, the women would come hauling their styling props and food, filling the studio with scents of fresh baked goods (lucky for us most of the participants had a thing for baking).

During the first few sessions, the women were trying to find their way in unfamiliar territory, asking for help with almost every creative decision.  By the last session, Danya was propped by the computer, and Deanna walking around, looking in awe at the creative capability of each and every participant.

We are obviously very proud of their work.









One comment to “Matkonation Food Photography and Styling Course #6”

  1. WOW! All of those are great! I just discovered your blog but I can’t wait to dig deeper into the archives!

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