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Matkonation Food Photography and Styling Course- The Magazine!

February 26, 2014 matkonation No Comments

In our line of work, we get to meet new people along the way, whether it be a new client, a graphic designer working with the client, recipe developers, chefs, etc. But there is something really special about meeting our students for the first time, and the type of relationship that develops in the six weeks that we have our course.

We get to meet the students in far more of a personal manner then we do all the others we meet along the way. We get to know where they work, what their personal style is, what kinda little stuff they have at home (which they bring to the course to use as props). And they get to know us.

Danya and I started teaching our Food Photography and Styling Course three and half years ago, when I was nine months pregnant with my first child. Since then, we’ve taught eight additional courses, including one (fabulous) weekend workshop, had three more kids (in total- 2 Deanna, 1 Danya), moved to a new studio, and so much more.

Every course is as inspiring for us as it is for our students and this time was no different. This time around we decided to make the last lesson a mock magazine shoot, where we were the editors and each student had to pitch, shoot and style an article for our “winter issue”. But when we saw the beautiful photos, we decide that mock just wasn’t good enough, and that we had to make this magazine come to life. And so we did.

Here’s the link to Matkonation Magazine- Winter Issue

Thank you Karen G, Karen B, Osnat, Orly, Yael, Efrat, Candice, Elinor and Maya for the inspiration.

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