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The Four Corners of Israel with Yotvata Dairy

August 15, 2013 Deanna No Comments

Danya and I always have big dreams for the blog. We tend to set goals for ourselves, in the hopes of achieving of them, even if were not quite sure about the hows and the whens. We have always wanted the blog to allow us to travel to different and interesting places, outside of the comfort zones of the studio. Our everyday work and our everyday life (which together totals 4 kids and one on the way), has put a slight hamper on our travelling dreams. Until now.

A few months ago, we started brewing up an interesting project in collaboration with one of Israel’s largest dairy companies, Yotvata. While at a creative brainstorming meeting with them, we came up with the concept of travelling to the four corners of Israel, developing recipes which were characteristic of the place itself, and doing elaborate location (nature) photo shoots where the recipes would come to life. The team at Yotvata loved the idea, and there we were the two of us, left to create one of our dream projects.

And so our trip was planned- North, West, East and South. Four amazing photo shoots, four trips spent with family and friends and the cool folks we met along the way, and 10 amazing recipes, all including Yotvata’s dairy products.

This project has given us the opportunity to fulfill one of the big dreams we have for the blog. It has allowed us to truly stretch our creative boundaries, individually and together as a team, creating recipes, images and videos that exemplify the beauty that the nature of Israel has to offer.

Thank you to Vered and Avsha, who are dreaming big with us.

Thanks to all of our family and friends who came with us on our journey, were photographed and tasted recipes.

And a big thanks to Yodvata Dairy, who gave us their support and trust and simply the opportunity.

Our first trip started in the far North of Israel, in Moshav Adom, at a berry picking farm. We’re sharing this video of our trip in hopes to share the beauty of the location and the shoot itself. Watch out for the full post and recipes on Monday.

*The beautiful song in the video is called “Strong Shoulders” by Caroline Smiths and the Good Night Sleeps.

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