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Three Day Instense Food Photography and Styling Workshop

March 19, 2013 Deanna 1 Comment

It’s been over two years since Danya and I taught our first food photography and styling course, and since then we have had 7(!!) amazing courses, with our eighth underway. In the past few months we’ve received many emails from people wanting to take our course, and we’ve been brainstorming about a course that would be for a wider audience. One that would include photographing  both inside and outside of a studio setting, and one that would be available for those who can’t participate in a mid-week course.

So here it is! An intense three day (weekend) food photography and styling workshop. We looked for a location that would provide us with inspiration, in both the culinary and photography fields, a place that would have soul and provide us with that vacation feeling. And so we found it: Nazareth.

Located in the northern part of Israel, Nazareth is divided into the old city and the newer part of town. Our workshop will take place in the old city, where the cobblestone streets and alleys make even the most Israeli citizen feel like they have traveled to worlds and beyond.

We will be hosting the workshop in the renowned Fauzi Azar Inn, a quaint old mansion renovated into a unique and charming guesthouse, located right next to the Nazareth Souq (Market). We were given a excellent tour of the city by Gil Lahav, a local Israeli tour guide, who helped us put together an incredible itinerary for the 3-day workshop.

So what’s on the itinerary:

Lectures on the following topics: light, composition, styling, food prep, etc.

A tour of the souq (market), which will include a session on spontaneous food photography and collecting styling accessories.

Two studio sessions (each with a different emphasis on photography and styling)

A surprise which will incorporate the local food of Nazareth and food photography…

The details:

When: May 2-5, 2013

Where: Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth

Who is it for: those that have basic knowledge of photography (not necessarily food related). The course is also suitable for those who have taken our course in the past.

What equipment is necessary: a digital SLR camera and a tripod.

Why: Because it will be a weekend filled with photography, food and styling. What could be better?

For prices and registration email us @ [email protected]

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