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Weeknight Dinner Ideas

December 23, 2013 Deanna No Comments

It all happened so fast. I was nine months pregnant, going on ten. That week Danya wrote a post, collecting our past recipes and put them into a table, giving moms (and dads) great ideas for weeknight family dinners. The post got great feedback, on our Facebook page and on the blog (in Hebrew). We got tons of comments and responses that the table was just the type of thing every parent was looking for.

A few days later I was at a friend’s house for an afternoon playdate with the kids when my friend, the digital manager for the Strauss Group, told me how she loved the idea of the table, and how she thought it was perfect for Strauss.

Just a few days after that I gave birth to my second son, and a bit over a week after that I was sitting with Danya at the Strauss headquarters, finalizing the details of the project. And there it was, I was back to work.

Danya took the lead on this project, and enlisted the help of our friend/hand model Ayelet. The two of them started recipe testing in Danya’s studio, and I came by with the little one to taste of course. When the time came to photograph, the first day felt a little strange, but by the second day I felt right back in my comfort zone.

A big thanks to Danya for taking on so much to make this project successful, to Ayelet for taking my place in the best way possible, to the little one for being so understanding (most of the time) and sleeping throughout most of the shoots.

Here’s a peak at the project. You can check out the recipes (in Hebrew only) here.


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