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Two and half years ago my better half told me that he had a business trip planned for Paris, and casually asked if I’d like to join. Five minutes later my flight was booked. But there was a catch. We would be going for only 48 hours and he would be working for most of that time. With only 48 hours of Paris, I had no time to waste on a meal that wasn’t delicious. So I got to work and started researching the six meals I would indulge in in one of the most famous gastronomic cities in the world. It wasn’t an easy task with so much information, so many articles, so many recommendations. Many precious work hours went into making my eating schedule (which ended up being amazing- see post on Paris [1]).

Fast forward to that following Spring when Danya and I started getting emails from friends and randoms alike, asking for restaurant recommendations for Tel Aviv. We decided that it was time for us to make a restaurant guide for Tel Aviv, with only the best of OUR best. The places that we love, eat at often and would recommend to any foodie. So we made a post out of it and got really positive feedback, and even heard of a couple from England who had printed out the post and were going to each restaurant on the list.

We knew that one day we would make something bigger and better than just a post, and we finally did it. We worked really hard (really!), eating at restaurants, photographing, writing, and eating even more. We went back to our favorite places to make sure they were still up to par and we tried all the new places.

And what we came up with is is our Tel Aviv Foodie Guide for Summer 2014. This isn’t a guide of all the restaurants in the city-this is a guide of our favorite restaurants in the city. Its a guide that you know you can count on, where you wont get lost with too much information. There are twelve categories, like Best Breakfast, Best Italian, Best Street Food, etc. and in each category there are only a max of FOUR restaurants.


So if you’re coming to Tel Aviv this summer let us do the research for you, and go eat. Good food. www.foodieguide.co.il [2]